Project Brief

The Sincero Group was engaged to help the client through the process of redeveloping a block of land in Mitcham. They wanted to be able to build 3 double story townhouses, one to live in, one to sell and one for a family member. It was critical that the front townhouse was large enough to accommodate a growing family, but also importantly, that the sale of the remaining townhouses ensured they recouped their construction costs for the project. As with many clients, they had little experience in property development and required professional guidance to get a turn key solution. At the time of sale of their middle unit (as per the pictures below), they achieved the record sales result for a middle 3 bedroom unit in Mitcham.

2_55 Percy St_058.jpg
2_55 Percy St_026.jpg
2_55 Percy St_029.jpg
2_55 Percy St_032.jpg
2_55 Percy St_036.jpg
2_55 Percy St_040.jpg
2_55 Percy St_048.jpg